We've updated the C2C Validator to handle the new CASEMIS Table A file format.

Still using the old Table A format? No problem we will continue to support it until we're sure everyone is up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

CALPADS and CASEMIS files are submitted several times per year. Which should I use for this tool?

When using this tool, you may want to initially run the comparison between certified CALPADS (Report 8.1) and certified CASEMIS data (Table A). Be aware, that as the certification dates are different, some of the mismatches may be due to the entry and exit dates of students which occur during the gap in the certification periods. This entry and exit may be due to students moving in or out of the district or entering or exiting special education. As you compare on an ongoing basis, you could run extracts from similar dates to reduce mismatches due to the gap in dates.

How do I handle data from my district's charter schools?

If the district has charter schools that are considered schools of the district for special education services, yet report their CALPADS data independent of the school district, you may want to filter the Table A data to exclude those charter schools from the district data, and have the charter school compare their own Table A data to their CALPADS submission.

What does SHAPE do with my personal information?

  • Your information is used to provision secure storage and processing of the data files you upload.
  • We may contact you regarding updates to SHAPE Education products, including the CASEMIS to CALPADS Validator Tool.
  • Your information will never be sold, shared, or transferred to any third-party.

What does SHAPE do with the data I upload?

  • Your data is used to provide you, and only you, with the data validation reports.
  • You may remove all data we have stored by simply clicking the "Clear all data" button on the validation report page.
  • After 30 days we will expire and remove all of the data you have uploaded as well as the reports generated from that data.
  • Your data will never be sold, shared, or transferred to any third-party.

What if I'm still not sure?

Contact the SHAPE Support Team at [email protected]